Stop plastic in the ocean

When asking tourists why they chose Croatia as their holiday destination, one of the most common responses is its natural beauty and pristine sea. And indeed, the Adriatic Sea is one of the most stunning natural environments - and we aim to keep it that way!

That's why Dubrovnik Boat Club has taken it upon itself to shoulder part of the responsibility by implementing various initiatives to protect the environment.

How is Dubrovnik Boat Club dedicated to sustainable environmental practices?

From day one, the entire team at Dubrovnik Boat Club has been committed to minimizing waste on board. We aim to preserve the beautiful nature that surrounds us, which is why we have developed a comprehensive waste management system. This system includes recycling initiatives and educating our passengers on proper waste disposal practices.

Dubrovnik Boat Club enthusiastically supports such praiseworthy environmental projects by exclusively using biodegradable cleaning products and toiletries on board, aiming to prevent harmful chemical leakage into our precious sea.

Dubrovnik Sea Safari

Locally produced food and beverages are available to passengers, served in reusable packaging whenever possible, with guest safety in mind. This minimizes the use of single-use plastics. All plastic used during our tours is collected and recycled at the end of the trip.

Furthermore, we actively participate in sea and underwater cleaning activities under the slogan "We all need the ocean, but this time, the ocean needs us." For every booked tour, we donate 1 euro to the non-profit organization Green Sea Safari. Our aim is to support the preservation of the sea and the entire environment for future generations, before it's too late.

However, we are faced with the fact that not everyone shares the same environmental consciousness, as we often witness plastic, bottles, and other waste on our beaches and in the sea.

It's time to prioritize environmental responsibility

Dubrovnik Sea Safari

The statistics are alarming: according to data provided by Next Level Sailing, 50% of the world's plastic is single-use, and only 9% of plastic is recycled globally. Every minute, the equivalent of two garbage trucks full of plastic is dumped into the ocean. As of 2023, there are over 5.25 trillion pieces of macro and microplastics in the oceans, with an estimated 8 million new pieces of plastic entering the oceans every day. The marine life is the first to suffer, with over a million marine lives lost annually due to plastic pollution: mammals, fish, sharks, turtles, birds... It's clear: the seas and oceans are seriously threatened.

However, we can and must continue to take action because the seas are indispensable for the life of our planet.

They are the lungs of the Earth, generating 50% of the oxygen needed for survival and aiding in the fight against the negative impacts of climate change. They provide biodiversity vital to ecosystems, and according to UN data, the seas and oceans are a source of life for as many as three billion people. The so-called "blue economy" is a powerful industry enabling many to earn a living and care for their families. It's essential to practice sustainable fishing strategies because, without significant changes, UNESCO predicts that over 50% of the world's marine species could be at risk of extinction by 2100. Ultimately, healthy seas and oceans are crucial for survival. This fact extends beyond coastal residents to the entire population: they regulate climate, provide life and sustenance, and enable economic progress.

The pollution statistics we've presented are alarming, but we must always start with ourselves. It's time to be smarter about the plastic we use, and depending on individual capabilities, everyone can engage in various environmental initiatives.

Our choice is Green Sea Safari because we want the Dubrovnik waters to be a pleasant home for all its marine inhabitants, local population, as well as for tourists who will continue to choose Croatia for its natural beauty and pristine sea.

In addition to all the actions we undertake and the ways in which we strive to minimize waste on board, we have decided to donate 1 euro from every booked ride directly to Green Sea Safari. Together, we are aware of the urgent need to act now to prevent further harm. Their project started in Dubrovnik and is funded by donations and volunteer work. Green Sea Safari organizes bay cleanup tours involving local residents, tourists, volunteers... Dozens and dozens of actions are organized each year, during which hundreds of bags of waste are collected.

Dubrovnik Boat Club wants to remind everyone through all our eco-initiatives that every step toward preserving our environment has a profound and long-lasting impact. The future of our seas is in our hands, so every contribution is valuable in the fight for a healthier and more sustainable environment for all of us.

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